NOTE: I recently posted an all-points bulletin, asking people to send me pictures of their favorite gardens — theirs or someone else’s. I get tired of my own voice, so will periodically feature these garden or gardenish images (with a bit of descriptive narrative) as are they are sent to me.

Kate Krautkramer

Kate Krautkramer2

“Above is an overhead-view photo of a little piece of my vegetable garden with young broccoli/cauliflower plants.

“We are at 8,000 feet. So I can grow lettuces and kale, peas and carrots, potatoes, zucchini, beets.

“I start varieties of brassica inside in April, transfer them gently, and sometime in the growing season they may get eaten by some variety of rodent. This year gophers have found their way in. A few years ago I dug up each of the beds and put doubled chicken wire underneath at about 2 feet to prevent the moles from eating the plants from the bottom.

“This year the first round of plants were immediately consumed from the top. So it’s been warfare, and I am afraid I have been unkind to my fellow sentient beings. When their holes are far enough away from the garden, I pee in them, which takes some skill and aim. Inside the garden I made a small fortress, incorporating layers of chicken wire, large pan lids and anything else that was lying around and seemed like it might act as a deterent to rodents. So, turns out, in the place meant to inspire peacefulness and cultivation, I have become determined to push things away and if those things were dead, fine.

“Here’s a photo of the whole garden, which [in late June] I am sure will look very young to you. Bit by bit, it will grow and yield, eventually. It will.”

Kate Krautkramer 1