NOTE: I recently posted an all-points bulletin asking people to send me pictures of their favorite gardens — theirs or someone else’s. I get tired of my own voice, so am periodically featuring these garden or gardenish images (with descriptive narratives) as they are sent to me.

Barbara Shark

Most of my gardens are planted to survive with little extra water in our rocky, dry landscape. This year everything has flourished.

Thyme-and-lavender (1)-Barb Shark

The lavender, thyme and buffalo grass along the front walk are encroaching on the stone steps in a most beguiling manner.

Lavender walk (1) - Barb Shark

Sage-and-lavender (1)-Barb Shark

The moths and Monarchs love the flowers and make a beautiful contrast with them.

Each year I wonder if the santolinas will regrow.

Santolinas-Barb Shark

I cut out the dead woody bits in the spring and they are blooming with vigor in their unwatered spot, as are the pine-leafed penstemon — my hardy, reliable plants in a shallow bed atop a stone wall.

Pine leafed Penstemon (2) - Barb Shark

The hummingbirds enjoy this abundance of flowers.

Lavender (1)-Barb Shark