NOTE: I recently posted an all-points bulletin asking people to send me pictures of their favorite gardens — theirs or someone else’s. I periodically feature these garden or gardenish images (with descriptive narratives) as they are sent to me. Please feel free to submit.

Rose Anna Bethel

This garden is situated outside of Santa Cruz, California, about 5 miles off the coast. We have cats, a dog, and chickens that all love the yard. The cat is pictured in a half wine barrel that holds a Meyer lemon tree. We use these barrels for dwarf citrus trees as they keep gophers out (a major problem in CA) and make the trees moveable.

A Very Tall Hollyhock

cat in the lemon barrel1

Yellow calla lily

Below is an edible garden my partner made this year. He used old metal fencing with stakes in a half circle for the beans to climb and we planted sugar pie pumpkins in front. Deer have been eating the bean leaves!