NOTE: I recently posted an all-points bulletin asking people to send pictures of their favorite gardens — theirs or someone else’s. I periodically feature these garden or gardenish images (with descriptive narratives) as they are sent to me. Please feel free to submit.

Jeanie Patterson

We live in the country outside Allentown, Pennsylvania. When we moved in twenty-five years ago, our garden was a sloped dog run, covered in crowned vetch. We slowly dug three terraces and brought large stones from the woods to stabilize the soil and prevent it from sliding down the hill.



We started with wildflowers until I learned why they’re called wildflowers. Then we slowly brought in perennials.



As I battled the vetch, varmints (chipmunks, squirrels and birds) replanted flower seeds for me into the rather natural look it’s got today … which I like. Little-soldiers-in-a-row is not my style and I’ve been able to give away plants to friends all over the valley.




I can’t go up the hill to the veggie garden without stopping to pull a weed or two.


My gardens got me back on my feet after I broke both my ankles in 2009. I hope to be working in them until I can’t lift a shovel (which I now use as a third leg or cane).


I’m grateful to be able to teach gardening to the next generations.