NOTE: I posted an all-points bulletin asking people to send pictures of their favorite gardens — theirs or someone else’s. I periodically feature these garden or gardenish images (with descriptive narratives) as they are sent to me. Please feel free to submit.

Nita Hill

My garden — in Portland, Oregon — is spent. The only things left blooming are the hostas, the astilbe chinensis var. plumila and some wildings. Astilbe is my favorite flower now but it is almost finished. The arendsii has been crossed with the plumila, but it blooms early and doesn’t last for weeks like the plumila.


I read somewhere that Japanese gardeners cut off the blooms of the hosta because they ruin the rounded appearance. I like the blooms. The hosta I have was a gift and has a scent. There are 58 species of fragrant hosta and they are all sports or hybridized from H. plantaginea.

Hosta with scent

The weedy wild things are holding court. The wild clematis (Clematis vitalba — I love that name!) called traveler’s joy or old man’s beard is invasive and can take over anything. It grows like kudzu. This time of year it covers the wooden fience and drapes over the tired raspberries and will have to be dealt with, but for now it is beautiful!


The solidago is just beginning as well as the asters. They will be the stars soon.

little lemon