Kate Krautkramer gave us the first edition of “Other People’s Gardens: https://heathcollom.wordpress.com/2014/06/23/other-peoples-gardens-chapter-1/

She lives at 8,000 feet, so it seemed somehow urgent to post this update before the snows fall, as they do early in the Rocky Mountains.

At last updates–the broccolis are slow–haven’t seen a cauliflower yet. But here are a few updated photos, and the garden with new rock.

More part 2

So much rain there are mushrooms all over the yard. Peas raging; I had planted them very late, but they have graciously produced given lovely cool conditions.

Kate Krautkramer pt 2

And here are the hollyhocks–I feel wild love for them, and I confess more so the taller they grow.

more and more part 2 hollyhocks