NOTE: I posted an all-points bulletin asking people to send pictures of their favorite gardens — theirs or someone else’s. I periodically feature these garden or gardenish images (with descriptive narratives) as they are sent to me. Please feel free to submit.

Dennis Teichman and Deb King

Our humble yard. A slice of calm in Ferndale, Michigan.

Our humble yard

Just harvested two lovely red cabbages today and a dozen fist-sized russet potatoes. Pretty much emptied the garden for the year since we’ll be on the road for the rest of the month. Had a good crop; beans, tomatoes, squashes, peas, pumpkins (volunteers), eggplants, peppers, beets and carrots, onions and garlic, plus the necessary herbs. Satisfactory eating.

Just the Russian kale and late Swiss chard left for when we get back in Oct.