NOTE: My dear friend, artist Claudia Borgna, found this poem by Susan Edwards and sent it to me. I’d forgotten about it, 2007 seems ages ago, though Susan’s death in 2008 seems like just yesterday. I still miss her. My thanks to Claudia for this little pavan down Memory Lane. This post is dedicated to Denny Robertson.

The Seasons

Winter Solstice
Conundrums for those who aren’t afraid of the dark.
Save us from suffering, loneliness
and the usual confusion.
Darkness has its uses.

Spring Equinox
Creativity. The return of this generating force.
“Together” alludes us moment to moment.
Our strategy for unceasing comfort
and affluence has resulted n global toastiness.
Will there be more chances to test our mettle,
the courage it takes to be a generous earthling?
Spring challenges and cuts through our chilly cynicism.
We didn’t mean to be such poor apprentices
or stewards of our global bunkhouse.
Leap, bound, vault, and hop over haunting melancholy.
The bunkhouse is a mansion with accommodation and water for all.

Summer Equinox
Stones of fire.
Time of garden splendor.
Everyone seeks the heat of the sun.
To forget everything in the bright, blinding light.
Are we beset with original sin?
Are we here to liberate the karma of passion, aggression, and ignorance?
Does Zeus hate us?
Can we atone for our bad behavior?
Is there anyone out there who can do this for us?
We are making war in the Garden of Eden.
We are here to tend and protect the garden.
Why is this so difficult?
Tomatoes ripen.
Amazing how many chances we get to make a good gazpacho.
Who said paradise is unregainable?
Dancing on fiery stones.

Autumn Equinox
The harvest season is upon us.
The world’s wheat harvest is low again.
Harvest of violence besets the Middle East.
Nightmares in the name of God.
This harvest of drought and violence has a bad affect on my sense of humor.
Our resistance is stubborn.
Our hearts are stones.
Our projections a merciless black mirror.
How deep do we have to go?
May the grapes be sweet and Mother Earth bountiful.

Winter Solstice
No one said it was easy.
The world is too hot with righteousness.
Change comes upon us, cycle after cycle.
Even Howdy Doody shared the stage with Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring.

–Susan Edwards

Originally published in Uncontained: Writers and Photographers in the Garden and the Margins, Baksun Books, 2007.