Kate* wanted a vegetable garden,
Though the space that she had was quite small.
She couldn’t decide which seeds she should choose,
So she finally planted them all.
And this is what happened, I swear it,
As sure as you ever were born.
The carrots all savored of onion,
And the cucumbers tasted like corn.
The garlic had lost all its power,
The turnips resembled potatoes.
The spinach and beans intermingled,
And mint had infused the tomatoes.
Beet-red stained the white cauliflower,
The parsnips and broccoli wed.
The peas had a rosemary flavor,
While cabbage and thyme shared a bed.

Just because you have the seeds,
Don’t forget their basic needs.

–Clara Redmond

*Clara called me by my middle name, Kate, as did most of my family.