Recent pinks in my garden and some meanings of pink, excerpted from El Repelente (or the 2012 Antics of Anabela). The voice belongs to Anabela Quintal, who has three peculiar characteristics: her massive feet, her otherworldly sense of smell, and her pinkish proclivities.
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“My peculiarities notwithstanding, I’m an ordinary, lackluster person, and I do so love the color pink. Pink is considered a sign of gentility. Or in my case, the desire for it. In lists describing the personalities of colors, pink is known as the color of dilettantism. Pink people don’t have much courage. If we did, we’d favor red. Pink tempers eroticism with purity….Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“Pink people are curious about the world around us. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we throw our weight behind social causes. Pinkies are upset by violence. This explains why direct action is not my bag. Some people think pink is for sissies, pinkies are passive….but I say pink is pacifistCreated with Nokia Smart Cam

“Pink is the color of Anglo good health…..Mice living under pink lights produce thirty percent female offspring and seventy percent male. So much for girl pink and boy blue. And pink will repel stinging insects.”Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“More than any other color, even ubiquitous blue, wherever we see pink in Nature, in pearls, sandstone, twilight or flowers, it awes us with a sense of the fragile, benevolent artistry of an otherwise harsh higher power.”Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“I believe that Thirteen is the Mother Pink of Mathematics, despite its numerical persnicketiness, which is naturally the exception that proves the rule. Thirteen is pink, for thirteen is balance, Nature’s Own Absolute Sum.”Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The Serpent of Time is pink. The Lords of Sunset and Dawn are pink. This is not mere superstition. There are reports that even scientists can distinguish stars by the color of their Light. The lowest frequencies are in the red end of the spectrum, the highest in the blues. Thus, I have concluded that the Beginning of Time must be pink.” Created with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart Cam

Pink Repelenete

*El Repelente (Or the 2012 Antics of Anabela), by Jennifer Heath, illustrated by S.Bell, Boulder: Baksun Books, 2009.