My beloved Susie Next Door has achieved abundance. Her fabulous new raised beds have gone from this:
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To this:
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She has so many gorgeous tomatoes and such beautifully healthy basil, all we need now is a mozzarella bush and a spaghetti tree…**
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spaghetti tree

The spaghetti tree hoax is a famous 3-minute broadcast on April Fools’ Day 1957 by the BBC current affairs programme Panorama. It told a tale of a family in southern Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from the fictitious spaghetti tree. It came at a time when spaghetti was not widely eaten in the UK, so some Britons were unaware that it is a pasta made from wheat flour and water. Hundreds of viewers phoned into the BBC, either to say the story was not true, or wondering about it, with some even asking how to grow their own spaghetti trees.