A walk with Shireen in winter (photo by Shireen Malik)

A walk with Shireen in winter (photo by Shireen Malik)

I have been extremely busy with work that is more often drudgery than pleasure. I’m slipping deeper and deeper into a depression that I recognize is both exhaustion and that feeling I thnk we all have of being trapped between seasons. I love snow. I adore blizzards. I’m crazy for crazy weather (except for prairie winds). I’m absolutely nuts for seasons that make themselves felt! Some days lately I can sense spring coming, but other days it seems we’re trapped in a kind of seasonal purgatory, as if the sun’s gone on strike and refusing to move.

Rosie Bethel in California sent these pictures from her garden to remind her mother and me that, while spring is further off in Colorado, it is coming. IMG_1285IMG_1286 (Thank you, Rosie, for signs of hope.)

My bedside table is now piled high with garden catalogues. I miss writing and sharing this blog and I’m afraid that with all the work I have to do now, I’ll not get into my garden as often I want (which is every day, of course). My friend Andrew tells me “just do it anyway.” He’s right.

So tonight I’m planning a catalogue feast, with Carol Klein’s Life in a Cottage Garden (a gift from Andrew) to guide me. First steps out of the doldrums.