solar eclipse

By Nan DeGrove

The new moon of March 8th is a solar eclipse, coming less than two weeks before the seasonal tide turns and the great portal of the spring equinox sweeps us into a new cycle and awakens the spirit from winter sleep.

This eclipse is like a stone thrown into a pool: it disturbs the surface of things, stirs up the depths, and sends out ripples that will have an effect over the weeks ahead. Eclipses in general are portents of change, often endings, as well as new beginnings; occasionally the ending has been before us for some time, but the eclipse brings it to light, out of the shadow. They occur every six months or so, changing signs about every 18 months. This one is paired with a lunar eclipse in Libra, on March 23rd, just after the Equinox on March 20th. So, March seems to be a month of energy release, decisions, power shifts and new alliances.

The March 8th eclipse is in Pisces, a sign of mystery, intense feeling, and perhaps above all longing—for an ideal, a lost love, an elusive vision of beauty, harmony, justice. Pisces is mystical, dreamy, reflective—the most unworldly of all the signs. The eclipsed new moon joins with Venus, Mercury and the woundhealer Chiron, making for a time of possible chaos and confusion, but also revelation and insight into the deeper meaning of our current life situations. Since Pisces is associated with dreams and the subconscious, the next two weeks, leading up to the full moon and the Equinox are a time to pay attention to dreams and take time to interpret their messages.

The political instability and bizarre nature of the campaigns in the U.S. seem related to the tensions building with the eclipses, and we can expect some surprising reversals in the weeks ahead. As Pisces is a water sign we may see more crisis and calamity related to water, the oceans and boats. The new moon makes an opposition to Jupiter in Virgo, which lends a positive note, but also suggests some big event — earthquakes or flooding.

We are being asked, it seems to me, to maintain our sanity, humanity and compassion in an increasing insane world. Small acts and gestures can ripple out and have profound effect. Since eclipses disrupt the atmosphere destabilize the electro-magnetic field of Earth and disturb the sensitive nervous systems of living things, this is a time for caution and kindness.