by Nan DeGrove

The Scorpio full moon on April 21st (11:23 p.m. MDT) brings a culmination of cycles that have been gathering strength since the eclipses in Pisces and Libra last month. The Scorpio-Taurus polarity that the full moon illuminates relates to the interplay of visible physical reality, and the invisible forces that create and destroy in endless cycles of birth and death. Eros, in the general sense, is the attraction to life — to beauty, romance, creativity, sensuality, friendship, hopefulness. This bright eros belongs to Taurus and her ruler, Venus. But Scorpio evokes a darker eros, a pull toward the mysteries of death and the unseen. Scorpio can be salvation and redemption, and/or despair and decay. The season belongs to Venus, golden goddess of love and beauty, who presides over the renewal of life and quickening of desire, but it also belongs to Persephone, queen of the underworld realm of the dead, who returns to the earth in Spring, and possesses a balm that Venus requires for her eternal beauty. So death, in different forms, renews life, and makes it more beautiful: a thought for the Scorpio moon.

Isis Persephone from Crete

Isis Persephone from Crete

The second half of April brings, in addition to the full moon, three important retrogrades: Mars turns retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17th, Pluto, in Capricorn, on the 18th, and Mercury, in Taurus, on the 28th. Saturn, also in Sagittarius turned retrograde last month. As Pluto and Mars cycle so close together their effects are magnified. Both are potentially destructive and need to be respected, especially as they intensify the full moon energy. Don’t force issues in conflict situations; better to retreat and leave pride intact. The retrograde cycles, as they are happening simultaneously, have more of an effect: an inward pull, a need to reevaluate complex situations that have resulted in a tangle of emotions and frustration. Hidden forces are at work. Some problems can’t be solved on the level upon which they originate; a shift in consciousness is in order.
Nan Guadalupe Scorpio Full Moon
On the stage of global affairs we can expect more breakdown of order. Uranus (in Aries)and Pluto are still locked into a long-running square that defines much of the instability and extremism of the times. The square relates to the prior conjunction of these two planets in the 1960’s (63-68) in Virgo — a time of turmoil can be also renaissance. The times are again ripe for change; the values that inspired us in that era — social and environmental justice, human rights, artistic freedom, are severely challenged.Nan Buddha Scorpio full moon
The full moon in Scorpio, which falls always in the month of Taurus, has been traditionally associated with Buddha and the need for humanity at this time to call and reawaken the presence of the Buddha, Christ, Mother Mary, and all spiritual teachers and guides. It is a time of sacred ceremonies all over the world, and a time when a personal ritual, as simple as lighting a candle, or offering a poem or prayer, can have a powerful effect.

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