by Nan DeGrove

September, 2016

The Sun’s rays in September take on a rich amber tone; sunflowers glow like stained glass in the late afternoon light. Summer holds us in her dreamy golden spell, while Autumn bides its time.

The month begins with a solar eclipse (September first) and Mercury retrograde until the Autumn Equinox on September 22rd. In between those dates, we have a lunar eclipse on the full moon of September 16th. The image that comes to me for this time is of two angelic hands holding the Earth in a bubble, like a babe in the womb of time and space. Hands of healing, hands of fate? With the Virgo influence this month, we are called to offer our hands and hearts to the tasks that life offers and requires in our personal lives as well as the social and collective realms.

With Mercury along with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde for most of the month, it is an introspective time, an opportunity for reviewing directions we have taken since the Spring Equinox, and preparing for the opportunities ahead. Mercury was near Jupiter and Venus during the first week of September, making this retrograde cycle especially favorable for moving beyond limiting beliefs, seeking new truth and connecting with people from the past who may have a gift to offer. Matters of learning are emphasized. What do we want to learn? What can we teach? Who are our teachers? The light of knowledge is to be shared. Jupiter moves into Libra on September ninth for a year long transit. Jupiter in Libra enriches loving relationships of all kinds and inspires generosity and optimism. Again we have the theme of learning and sharing knowledge.


The full moon eclipse in Pisces on September 16th is the culmination of the eclipse cycle that began a year ago. This eclipse relates to the idea of unveiling, revealing what has perhaps been hidden, being vulnerable. But veils have a purpose sometimes to shield us from that which we are not ready to see. Think of the High Priestess in the Tarot, who sits before a veiled sanctuary. She mediates at the threshold between the seen and unseen.

The vestal virgins (Virgo) in ancient Rome were priestesses dedicated to keeping a sacred temple fire burning—the flame represented the wellbeing of the community. A similar theme in the Bible is the parable the wise and foolish virgins awaiting the bridegroom; the wise ones had extra oil to keep their lamps alight through the night. Now is the time of change, when the bright summer light diminishes, and the inner light burns brighter.

With the Equinox on the morning of September 22nd we move into the fall signs of the zodiac—Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, where the emphasis shifts toward relationships, social justice and spiritual concerns. Mercury turns direct the day before, on the 21st, making this a time of unusually powerful magic in the form of dreams, revelations and ordinary events becoming illuminated as the veil of the mundane world is drawn aside and we glimpse a bit more of the mystery. Pluto, in Capricorn, resumes direct
motion on the 26th, setting the stage for powerful world events—political, ecological and financial. With such cluster of planetary shifts this month events of September will unfold and reveal much more over the next three months. October first brings us to the new moon again, in Libra. Now the light wanes and the nights grow longer. Persephone the springtime goddess, descends to the underworld as pomegranates ripen and leaves turn to gold.

Proserpine, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Proserpine, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti