by Nan DeGrove

With the Scorpio new moon, (October 30) followed by Hallowe’en and All Soul’s day, we enter the season of spirits; the veil between the worlds opens and spirits pass too and fro, sending us messages, through dreams, memories and strange sensations ─ a momentary shiver, a welling of tears, a sound in the night. As we honor the ancestors, we nourish the roots of our tree of life. When the days grow short and darkness prevails, we seek the light — candlelight, moonlight, starlight. The festivals of year’s end all involve light—a universal symbol of hope.

Untitled, by Susan Edwards & Geraldine Brussel

Untitled, by Susan Edwards & Geraldine Brussel

Crows have long been revered as omen birds in Celtic and Druid lore, as well as Native American tradition. This time of year they flock to forage in newly harvested fields, and their raucous cries bring to mind an old rhyme:

One for sorrow,
Two for mirth,
Three for a wedding,
Four for a birth.

(Don’t despair if you see only one: another is surely nearby.)

About the Election
The presidential campaign has been a torturous ordeal of vulgarity, hatred and threats. I looked at the U.S. chart to get some insight. The most obvious clue is the long-running transit of Pluto opposite the U.S. Sun, and the beginning of a Pluto return for a young country. (Pluto’s cycle of revolution is 248 years.) This implies that the nation is going through an initiation: a time of soul searching and looking into its shadow. This isn’t about “making America great again,” but finding the lost soul of a country long in denial of much of its history.The Pluto cycle, lingering through the Fall of 2024, addresses two main, interconnected themes.themes: capitalist consumer culture and environmental degradation.

On the day of the election the moon will be in Aquarius, and will reach the degree of the moon in the U.S. chart. This bodes well for electing the first woman (moon) president, but the moon will move into Pisces in the late afternoon. This could set the stage for trouble with voting — computer errors, missing ballots, subversive activity. As the moon moves on through Pisces the next day, it makes a conjunction to Neptune, and reactivates the degree of September’s lunar eclipse, which is also Hillary Clinton’s moon. The same day, Mars moves into Aquarius — possibility of mass protest and violence. After all this drama, we will be ready for the Taurus full moon on November 14th, which can bring balance and relief to the intensity of Scorpio.

A Moon Prayer
These lovely verses are from a book of folk prayers from the British isles, handed down in an oral tradition and collected by Alexander Carmichael in the 19th century.

Be her light above
With everyone in straits;
Be her guidance below
With everyone in need.
May the moon of moons
Be coming through thick clouds
On me and everyone
Coming through dark tears.