by Nan DeGrove


Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer, the chalice, the Holy Grail. The Aquarian angel protects the future, sending visions to guide humanity through troubled waters of chaos. Pay heed to dreams and visions now; some may seem insignificant, but through these individual visions we are linked with a global awakening, a stirring in the collective unconscious, a weaving of hopes and aspirations for a better, more just world.

Our first eclipse of the year was a full moon eclipse in Leo on February 10th (5:33 P.M. MDT). Eclipses activate and illuminate; last
month’s new moon (Jan. 27) set the stage for events that unfold (erupt?) with the full moon eclipse. The eclipses this month (solar eclipse in Pisces February 26th) will accelerate the pace of change that has been in force for months now. Last year was dominated by the long square of Neptune and Saturn — confusion, deception, going to sleep. This year begins with much different themes: Jupiter opposite Uranus, with Pluto in the mix too — an urgent wake-up call to humanity.

Astrology reflects collective events: global trends, periods of breakdown and conflict, as well as times of renaissance and high
achievement — the tides of history. But I have long pondered whether it is, or can be,“political”—a force for social justice, in service to goodness, beauty and truth. The times we are in now breed cynicism, but I believe astrology should be a force for good, for enlightenment, because it is a channel through which the gods speak to us. What are they saying now?

Pluto in Capricorn cautions us about trends toward authoritarianism and destruction of the environment through greed. Neptune and Chiron in
Pisces ask that we have compassion for the masses of people displaced by war and climate change, and that we protect the oceans, river and streams, the precious waters on our planet. Jupiter in Libra, the angel of kindness, speaks of the need to care for our loved ones, as well as others who might not seem so lovable. Jupiter in Libra is a peacemaker, but can also wield a mighty sword of justice. Jupiter inspires our passion for ethics and fairness. Uranus is opposite Jupiter, in close aspect through February and March, signaling an urgency to act on these values.

The eclipses of this month have far-reaching influence and will reveal more meaning over the next few weeks, even months until the next pair of eclipses in August.

Love and Peace,