by Nita Hill

After the “snowpocalyspe,” after the weeks of watching the snow gradually recede with minimal warmth and late winter rain, I had one day of working in the garden. Now, the inundating rain is threatening flood and the Spokane river has swollen and my arthritis is as painful as it was all winter in Portland. News from my friend there is that the sun has only appeared a handful of times this whole winter.

We are days away from Spring and the rain is forcing me to stay in. I built the trellises for the recumbent clematis that had their supports ripped away by the former owner. I don’t have a waterproof extension cord so I can’t install them yet.

I did order a magnolia yesterday. They had a sale at Wayside and I bought one with the delightful name of “Sunsation” a cultivar of my favorite “Elizabeth.” It will replace the tangerine tree in front (we live 110 miles from the Canadian border).

On the one sunny day, I rolled away the river rocks and pulled the grass from the oregano bed encircling the “Very Sad Maple”. Cardboard saved from the move should suffocate the grass and the stones should hold it all down until I can move the soil from the large raised bed that will be the site of my garden shed.