by Nita Hill

I’ve been trying to give away strawberry plants. I posted the giveaway on Nextdoor Neighbor. So far, I have given away almost seventy-five plants. I could give away another seventy-five easily. For some reason, I have three separate beds of strawberry plants. I guessing because they multiply so quickly, duh. My intention is to put in a Japanese garden in one of the beds.

Anyway, the point of this post is that everyone out here (Spokane) says thank you. I find it really bothers me. In the South, where I’m from, you never say thank you. It curses the plants. So, I went a-searchin’ on the Google and found this…

One theory on the origin of this saying is that if you do not thank someone, the devil won’t notice something wonderful has been given to you, and therefore won’t be able to kill it. Another is that the plants themselves prefer to be stolen, and think they will do better, so you shouldn’t tip them off with the words thank you. A variation on this, and probably closer to the origin, is that they grow better in order to make you feel as guilty as possible. There is someone who mentioned a friend who took this so far that they not only wouldn’t say thank you, but would make the giver turn their head while she pretended to steal the plant.

It warms my heart that plants are given volition. I believe, as I once read, that everything has its own share of consciousness (I think it might have been Schiller). If we regarded that as the truth, the world would be a very different place.