I started “The Lore of the Garden” in order to record myths, legends, folklore, and fairytales about gardens, landscapes, flora, fauna, water, and all the elements of Nature which have, in our times, been so thoroughly desacralized and profaned. This blog intends to revisit the sacred magic, healing, and mysticism humans once found in and drew from Nature.

The blog will be random, once a day or once a week, whatever I can manage. I intend simply to relate the lore of whatever occurs to me, seems appropriate to the season, meets my eye at a given moment in my garden or on walks, or that I find especially exciting in my reading. Occasionally, I might throw in a story (a violation of the Blog Brevity Rule, so apologies in advance). Some of the material will be culled from my book, The Echoing Green: The Garden in Myth and Memory (Penguin 2000), the rest comes from various researches across many years and counting.

Also, I like to post other people’s gardens. Photos and short narratives from friends, acquaintances and strangers.

“The Lore of the Garden” is not a how-to for gardeners. Instead it might be called a why-to or a where-from.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. This sounds absolutely fascinating! I loved the photo.

  2. Just discovered your blog as I was researching stumperies – right up my street Jennifer, I will be reading avidly!!

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